Traditional Irish Music Seisiún

Harrington's Ninth Anniversary Session
Harrington’s Ninth Anniversary Session

Every Wednesday from 8:30 to 11:30 PM at Harrington’s Terry Weir hosts a traditional Irish Seisiún.

It’s a great night to be at Harrington’s to enjoy live traditional Irish music in a friendly gathering of musicians playing lively Irish tunes and soulful ballads.

Whether you stay for the music after your dinner or stop by especially for the session, you’ll enjoy a great night out.

Irish Music Session December 2017

Harrington’s, being a small venue, may have from four to ten or so musicians tucked in a corner on a stage by the front window.


Irish Seisiún night at Harrington’s attracts accomplished musicians including some spectacular fiddle, concertina, guitar, mandolin, and accordion players and sean-nos style singers.

Some of the regular musicians are:Terry Weir (guitar, mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Chris Stevens (accordion, concertina), Jim Foley (guitar, vocals).

About Joining the Session

Musicians interested in participating in the session should contact Terry.

Harrington's Seisiun led by Terry Weir2014
Harrington’s Seisiun led by Terry Weir2014

Stop by Harrington’s any Wednesday night for the taste and feel of old Ireland brought to life with the traditional Irish tunes.