Beginner Irish Set Dance Class

Monday Night Beginner Set Dancing Classes at Harrington’s:

The 2011 summer beginner classes in Irish Set Dancing are led by Frank Keane, assisted by Eileen McClelland. Frank & Eileen run the Wednesday night set dancing sessions year round upstairs at Harrington’s from 7:30 to 9:30. The beginner class gives interested dancers a chance to gain experience in the sets that are regularly danced at Harrington’s and other greater Boston locations (and worldwide).  The fee is $7 per night, pay as you go.  There is no sign-up required but we request you leave your contact information in case we need to cancel class for some reason. All ages welcome. Partners are not required; sets are formed with whoever shows up.

What is Irish Set Dancing? To put it simply, eight people create a square formation, and follow a series of movements using simple footwork. More than that, it’s cultural, musical, social, good exercise, and it’s fun!

We recommend leather-soled shoes that fasten securely to your feet for dancing & loose light-weight clothing for comfort (think tee-shirt). The hall is air-conditioned.

Summer 2011 Class Schedule:

Six classes from 7:30 to 9PM upstairs at Harrington’s, 17 Water Street, Wakefield, MA (Website: ) starting June 27th

Week 1          June 27                    North Kerry Set                 polka, jig & hornpipe

Week  2         July 18                     Connemara Reel Set         reels & polka

Week  3         July 25                     Caledonian Set                   reel, jig, & hornpipe

Week  4         August 1                   Kilfenora                              reel, jig, & hornpipe

Week  5         August 8                  Plain Clare                           reels & a jig

Week  6         September TBD      Clare Lancers                      all reels

Note: Monday, July 11th class was cancelled due to a conflict in scheduling the function room. We will reschedule in September

Contact: Frank Keane | Email: frank | Tel: 781-205-9721

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